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By Diane Murray

Apr 7, 2019

City Event Requirements
1) The City will staff the event and will have final say in ALL decisions.
2) Teams must have proper containment under boats at all times when they are in the pits in order to catch oil/gas from the engine and lower unit, proper containment must also be used in the "hot pits."
3) 55-gallon drums will be provided by Race for the Kids or US Title Series for teams to dump containment pans or unwanted fluids in.
4) Failure of teams to utilize proper containment or acting in an unsafe manor will receive ONE warning, a second occurrence will result in removal from the event.
5) A safety meeting with the Lake Alfred Police and Fire departments, race promoters and Lake Alfred Parks and Recreation will be held one week before the event.
6) All teams must have a fire extinguisher in their pit area and readily available.
7) No equipment, boats, cars or tents may be set up in or impede the emergency lane at any time or for any reason.
8) City staff will attend pre-race and pre-practice meetings with all team members in attendance to insure all participants know and understand all event and safety rules.
9) All RV's and campers must be self-contained, if campers are in need, they hook up to electric outlets within the park for $25 per day.
10) Boat ramp will be closed during the day during the event and will be open at night from 6pm-6am.
11) No alcohol is allowed on park premises
12) Please remain courteous to fellow teams, vendors, spectators and staff.