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Sunday at Lake Alfred

By Ray Rodda

Apr 23, 2017

500cc Hydro – Final Results
The big 500H capsules took the water at Lake Alfred with the yellow Buttercup with this time Tim Borway at the wheel, after David Mitchell took it to a podium finish yesterday in 1100H, comes out on top of two of the top competitors over the years with Dan Kirts and David Hooten chasing Tim around Lake Alfred. This was a brandnew boat a couple of years ago and he and David have dialing it in ever so well to be a top runner in the capsule classes. Congrats to that birthday boy of this week Tim Borway!!!!


Much like last year, Baylee Burkland, our 175H Hi Point Champ starts behind the guy who finished 2nd to her in the points chase, as Baylee was unable to compete at Lake Alfred and Ray Hammond took advantage of it and won the class. Nick Hooten, first time in this class and equated himself quite well. Bob Cronin who took the USTS National title at Depue finished in the bronze medal spot to complete the top 3.

175cc Hydro – Final Results

In the 100mph rocket 700R class, it was and interesting turnabout for Austin Van Over, Hi Point Champ in 2016 took the 500R class of yesterday, while Thirlby Automotive teammate, Kurtis Nydahl finished 2nd in that class. Today, they swapped the finishes and Kurt takes the title and Austin finishes 2nd with Daniel Hooten, showing good speed and moving up in the 700R class to finish in the 3rd spot.

700cc Runabout – Final Results

In the 250H category, Amy was out to show the guys the roostertail as she did in 1100H yesterday and after finishing 3rd in 350H Saturday as well. She and Chris Hellsten each had a 1-3 finishes in the first two heats, with Amy able to finish out in front of both Chris, who finished 3rd overall and Eric Schmidt out of Connecticut in the silver medal position. Eric driving a boat that he and brother Michael had built was very fast hanging on the rooster tail of Amy the whole way around. Great story on Eric as he went over to Italy last year and worked in the Rossi factory for a good part of the summer and learned a few of Giuseppe’s secrets, but I’ll bet not all of them.

250cc Hydro
1. Amy Nydahl
2. Eric Schmidt
3. Chris Hellesten

JJ Walls driving that beautiful Krier green and black, Brinkman Electric entry came away with a well-deserved win in the 350R category. Paulie Bosnich with another podium finish for the Prop Riders Team takes the silver and home builder Rich Krier takes the bronze medal. This race puts Tim Small, who won both the Nationals at Depue as well as the Hi Point championship, in a hole as Tim finished off the podium.

350cc Runabout
1. JJ Walls
2. Paulie Bosnich III
3. Rich Krier

250cc Hydro – Final Results

A boat that only a veteran like Tim Small finds the speed in, takes the title in 125R for owner Ed Provini, Congrats to this duo as they won the Nationals at Depue last year and finished just behind Brad Dygert for the Hi Point Championship last year. Paulie Bosnich’s name again comes up for a podium finish here as I think it has been at least 3 years since we last saw Paulie in a 125R. Obviously, he did not forget how to drive thee one cylinder engine powered boats. Brad, last year’s Hi Point Champ finished in the 3rd and final podium spot.

125cc Runabout
1. Tim Small
2. Paulie Bosnich III
3. Brad Dygert

Mack proved once again that 2015/16 were no flukes in terms of her ability or speed, as she won all 4 heats of K-Pro this weekend, quite a feat against a good field. Brady Brinkman, out of the B&B Electric trailer finished in the second spot, with Ethan Fox of the Prop Riders finishing in the 3rd spot for a podium finish. Quite a weekend for the Prop Riders as they have some heavy medal added to their collections.

Mackenzie Hellsten
Brady Brinkman
Ethan Fox

Well now we take 30 days and all of us, I hope, show up at Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin, just over the Illinois/Wisconsin border, about half way between Chicago and Milwaukee. This is a fabulous race site, great pits, lots of room for a good-sized course and easy to get to. Hope to see everyone there next month.