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Round 2 at Pleasant Prairie, Ws

By Ray Rodda

May 24, 2017

As we get ready for round number 2 of the USTS at Pleasant Prairie, the winners down at Lake Alfred will be looking for a repeat performance to enhance their chances at the coveted USTS high point Championship.
A full field of competitors will descend on Lake Andera just over the Wisconsin border near Kenosha. This is a fabulous place to race, good pit area, a great race course can be laid out, and a growing fan base to set our summer in the Midwest off to a great start.
Our thanks to Pete, Kelly for all the hard work in preparing the operational needs for the Title Series drivers from around the country to invade Pete and Kelly’s home turf, as Amy and Kurt, their children, will be out to duplicate great finishes at Lake Alfred, Fl.
Our usual classes from K-Pro out to the big 1100H’s will do battle on Saturday and Sunday, with testing on Friday. This is a great venue and we look forward to great racing once again.
In the battles for the championship,
K-Pro, Mackenzie Hellsten picked right back up where she left off the last two years with a win at Lake Alfred, with Brady Brinkman and Ethan Fox chasing her.
In the 125H’s David Jones got off to a great start in Florida and will be doing battle with a great field of 125’s this weekend with the ever present Ray Hammond and a guy who took some time off and great to see him up and running again, Dom Difebo having finished on the podium
In 125R, a good mix there, as Tim Small, driving the Ed Provini entry took the Florida win, with Paulie Bosnich, who had not been in a 125R in sometime and Brad Dygert , last year’s high point champ finishing with some work to do to repeat as Champ.
In 175H, Ray Hammond, who is just so consistent took home the win, with a new name in the 175H field, Nick Hooten and the venerable Bob Cronin finishing on the podium. This is becoming quite the class in terms of competitiveness. Add in last year’s High Point Champ, Baylee Burkland and we should have a great field at Pleasant Prairie.
In the 250H class, this has become a real barn burner of a class with competition everywhere you turn. The local hero and great driver, Amy Nydahl took it in Florida with Eric Schmidt and Chris Hellsten having given chase, but there are another 4-6 drivers that are competitive and this is a great class to watch.
In 250R, the ever competitive Tim Small took home the win in Florida with the B&B Electric entry of JJ Walls and wonderful to see Jason Sailer back to driving again as they finished up chasing that green monster.
In 350H, Neil LaRose showing that LaRose speed with Chick at the wrenches, took the win, but not without having to look over his shoulder to see the sister and brother Nydahl duo chasing him down. Amy for the second spot and Kurtis for third
In the 350R class, JJ Walls, driving the Todd Brinkman entry, took the win with Paulie Bosnich and Rich Krier finishing up the top 3 for the class.
In 500H, the beautiful yellow Buttercup with Tim Borway at the controls for the win, with multi world and National Champs Dan Kirts and David Hooten to finish on the podium. What a podium that was with all that history between them.
In 500R, Austin Van Over who won the 700 Hi Point last year, switched gears a bit and finished out front here with the usual suspects of Kurtis Nydahl and the forever young Pete Voss finishing it up for the third spot.
In 700R, Kurtis showed the field his roostertail and finished out front, with Austin finishing behind in second for a swap of the 500R finish, with Daniel Hooten who just joined us last year in the runabout class and doing a great job finishing 3rd.
In the big 1100H, Amy Nydahl doubled up with David Hooten and the ever improving Jake Hoffert finishing up for podium finishes.
Pleasant Prairie this weekend, then off to Springfield, Illinois for the first weekend in July as the season begins to get cranked up
So looking forward to being back with the best judges stand group in the world at PP as I was ill for the Florida race and missed the folks terribly. Look forward to seeing our drivers and fans this weekend.