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Depue Nationals

By Ray Rodda

Jul 21, 2021

2021 Pro Nationals
Holy Buckets I hope everyone is ready to head to the Best Dam Race site there is. The best race fan’s in the country are sitting on 30 to the 3. There spot’s have been marked for about a month.
The Men’s Club isn’t having the food stand this year but they will be still selling shirts and they will be selling ice under the shelter.
There will be all usual food stand’s on the street please visit them.
DePue now has a dollar general store they are open at 8am to 9pm. They are eagerly waiting for everyone arrival, they have all your need’s.
Casey’s also is still open and will have a couple special’s going on.
With not knowing if we were going to pull off the races we are not going to have our banquet on saturday night. After each day of racing Ray at the P.A. booth as we always do we will handing out the metal’s, trophy’s and the check’s
If anyone needs anything shipped my address is.
Paul Bosnich
302 west second street.
DePue, IL. 61322
Anyone having anything shipped send me a message so i can look for it,
I’m leaving for Constantine on Wednesday afternoon.

We’re not going to park trailers until Monday at noon. Please check with me before parking.
Have a safe trip heading to Constantine and to DePue.